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What are Hybrid College Courses?

Hybrid college courses are an alternative method to online and traditional college courses. You can complete your college education through a mix of online and campus-based course instruction that accommodates the busy student with a demanding schedule. Hybrid courses typically feature 50% in a classroom environment and 50% in an online format. You have the choice to blend campus-based classes with online classes. Depending on your schedule, you can select the option that best fits your lifestyle. Hybrid courses provide the benefit of face-to-face instruction while online instruction offers flexibility and convenience.Each individual course provides specific classroom dates and times, while online instruction uses any combination of various methods, such as video, audio, document files, discussion boards, and chat rooms. You can enjoy the campus experience by participating in campus-based presentations and oral lectures while interacting with instructors through written communications in your online courses. You have the ability to create a learning schedule that fits your needs with this flexible option.

Are Hybrid Courses Right for You?

To be successful in Hybrid courses, you are expected to have some computer and technical skills. You must be able to attend campus-based classes as well as online classes and you should:

- Have Internet access
- Have an e-mail account
- Be organized
- Have good reading, writing and studying skills
- Manage your time
- Be able to complete assignments in a timely fashion
- Maintain a class calendar
- Be able to meet deadlines
- Be self-motivated
- Stay on schedule

Instructors use the hybrid method, using computer based technologies, to redesign some lab content or lecture information into online learning activities, such as tutorials, self-testing exercises, case studies as well as online group collaborations. You need to be familiar with your computer's operating system and know how to open, save and send files. You should know how to browse the web for research and have an e-mail program as you will be communicating with your instructor and classmates via the Internet when you are not in the classroom. You have flexibility using the Hybrid method to earn your degree.

What is the Advantage of Hybrid Courses?

The advantage of Hybrid courses is that they make it easy for more people to get a college education because of the limited on-campus attendance, not to mention the obvious academic advantages. One of the biggest advantages of the Hybrid courses is that they are accessible from more places to more people. Instructors can teach courses through active-learning assignments over the Internet rather that having their students sit in a lecture hall taking notes. Other advantages to the Hybrid courses are that it frees up classroom space and reduces traffic on campus. Hybrid courses help encourage self-directed learning, problem solving, time management, and critical-thinking skills and also improve computer and writing skills. Because of the online classroom participation, students are more likely to get involved in discussions because they are not physically speaking in front of a classroom and are more confident. Even though the Hybrid method is fairly new, professors are reporting a high rate of success.

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